Being independent insurance agents for more than 25 years (and counting) ourselves, we truly understand the need to get away and unwind after a very long, fast-paced and stressful day at the office. This is just one of the reasons why we have developed a proven way that you can slow down, take time whenever you need and for whatever reason you choose. We are doing this right now for other agency principals who are enjoying the semi-retired life.

I don’t want to give up doing what I love to do, but I would like to slow down some.

With Agency Administrators you will have the ability to continue doing what you love to do without having to worry about who’s behind the wheel. Your agency will operate with a highly-qualified and caring staff dedicated to making your client’s service and sales experience the best it can be while promoting your agency in a positive light.

But I don’t have anyone experienced enough to manage my agency while I’m away.

The management of your agency will be personally overseen by two independent agency owners each having more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, a highly-educated and well-seasoned Operations Manager, an IT Director who eats, breathes and sleeps the latest technology and both a Personal Lines Director and a Commercial Lines Director, along with your dedicated and highly-trained Customer Care Staff.  You will meet everyone during the implementation process and get to know each one of them personally.

I don’t want to lose any clients while taking an extended vacation.

Rest assured, your clients will be treated with “concierge service” while you are off enjoying the fruits of your labor. All communications are recorded, reviewed and stored so that every client interaction meets the highest level of quality assurance and “Best Practices” compliance. The financial commitment made to our operating and communication systems allows us to give you “real-time” information for every client interaction no matter where you are and no matter what the reason.

People ask us why we do what we do. Our answer is simple. We are very passionate about the insurance business and for helping change the lives of everyone of our associates for the better. Yes, we make a profit, too. But, profit simply is the result.  If you are interested in taking the first step, then contact us today.

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