Before I go into too much detail regarding my early experience with Agency Administrators, let me give you a brief description of work ethic.  In my 45 years in the insurance business, I have always been a hands on agent.  Involved in every aspect of quoting, policy issuance and service.  I will also acknowledge that I am a slow learner. With that being said, that pretty much sums up my experience with Agency Administrators. I didn’t initially forward everything to Agency Administrators and let them   handle the work load.  I was involved in the day to day operations of my agency as if nothing changed. Responding to inquiries, doing endorsements, certificates of  insurance, quoting, payments, etc.  It was as if I was still running my own agency.  But that was my choice.  Thank God I went on vacation.  My first day of vacation was like all my other days off prior to teaming up with Agency Administrators.  I took my laptop, was quoting, wrote new business, did an endorsement, processed payments. By 2:30 pm that afternoon, I said to myself, ‘I’m not doing this for the next two weeks.’  I put my trust in Agency Administrators and enjoyed the next 13 days, like none before.  If I received an email, phone message or service request I forwarded them all to Agency Administrators, just as I was initially advised me to do.  It’s a luxury to say  to someone ‘I’ll let one of my staff assist you.’  I virtually did no insurance work during my vacation for the first time since I started my agency 34 years ago.  I’m going to continue the practice of forwarding everything to Agency Administrators and continue to reap the benefits of my association with them.  I’ll still be involved, but to a lesser extent in the day to day operations of my agency.  It took a vacation for me to learn the true value of my association with Agency Administrators.  What better vacation can you expect to have than to know that qualified persons are servicing your clients and writing new business too in your absence.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.