We want to tell our story so that other agency owners like us don’t make the same mistake that we almost made. We started our agency from scratch. We always treated our clients like members of our own family. We fought hard for them. And, they appreciated it. But, like most agency principals our age, it has become challenging to deal with today’s staffing shortages and tomorrow’s latest technology, not to mention the other day-to-day demands of operating an independent insurance agency. So, after 25 years of fighting the good fight, we decided that it was time to hang up the gloves. Literally within days of putting the word out about selling our agency, the buzzards began circling overhead. We were immediately approached by one of the aggressive ‘promise you the moon’ acquisition companies with an offer in hand. It looked pretty good and we did consider taking it. However, that very same day one of our carrier representatives told us about two of his other agents who were working with a company called Agency Administrators. He told us how happy they were and that we should talk to them. We did. After learning that they faced the same challenges that we did, we wanted to hear about how it worked because it really did sound too good to be true. After hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, we didn’t think twice about joining Agency Administrators. We have now made far more money from our agency with Agency Administrators than having sold it. Oh, and best of all, we still own our agency. In fact, we just renewed our agreement with Agency Administrators for another term. Now, if you are like us and want to slow down or even sell your agency now or within the next few years, then do yourself a big favor and reach out to the folks at Agency Administrators. Listen to what they have to say (listening is always free). We now enjoy (and can afford) the “snowbird” life in Florida that we dreamed about for 25 years.